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Mullan understands that it is important to monitor your investment as it grows. Professional landscaping provides a tremendous value to your home, but proper maintenance is essential to maintaining the highest return on your investment. We provide four-season maintenance for a perfect landscape throughout the year. All debris, including edging, will be removed from the site and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


Mullan offers many options for a homeowner to properly maintain their outdoor space. Our goal is to provide a convenient service to customers to help keep their beds and gardens looking their best at all times.


Maintenance Programs

  • Spring Maintenance: As soon as winter temps break, we begin our Spring Maintenance. We blow out all beds, cut a fresh clean professional edge, weed, and mulch. Plants and smaller trees will be pruned to keep a clean yet natural look.
  • Follow-up Maintenance Program: Throughout the growing season, it is important to continue weeding and pruning to preserve that tailored look. Our maintenance crew is trained to offer great value in these visits, visiting every 2 weeks to maintain proper pruning, watering, weeding, and pest control. A status report will be left for the homeowner describing completed work and the priorities for the next visit.
  • Fall leaf removal and bed clean up is a great way to overwinter your property. We’ll remove the leaves from your lawn and beds and cut back your perennials and grasses to maintain a clean look to your property.

Never Let Your Yard Get the Out of Control, Hairy Look

Having our crew tend your yard and gardens provides a tremendous value and convenience for today’s busy homeowners.


Landscape Maintenance Projects

We offer both residential and commercial landscaping services. Our professional designs and locally grown plants will wow you through the blooming season. LEARN MORE.

Walks, Walls & Patios. Define your relaxation, dining and walking space with elegant, eye-catching hardscape features for outdoor living. LEARN MORE

Seasonal Maintenance: Clean-up, weeding, pruning, watering, and pest control are automatic and seamless with our FOUR season maintenance plans. LEARN MORE.

Low Voltage LED, Safety & Security, Hub & Expansion Systems | Add beautiful accents, safety and security to your home with striking yet energy-efficient lighting. LEARN MORE.

LED Lights, Holiday Decor, Product Storage | Celebrate the holidays with stylish, stunning light displays that are energy efficient and stress-free. LEARN MORE.

Gardens in Pot | Raised Beds | Restaurant Gardens | Conveniently source organic vegetables for your home kitchen from your very own back yard or patio. LEARN MORE.

Topiaries & Containers | Water Features | Putting Greens | These are unique services that make your property stand out with an added depth of style and design. LEARN MORE.

Specialized Systems | Swales & Berms | Eco-Friendly | Essential to good landscape design, these services turn runoff into amazing and beautiful stone features. LEARN MORE.

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