Light Up Your Holiday Season!


We offer sales and installation of quality outdoor lighting and decorations for both residential and commercial clients. And we make it so easy: we’ll visit your home or business, take measurements, and present you with a choice of festive and creative plans for a holiday display that will “wow” the neighbors!

We can decorate shrubs, trees, walkways, as well as your home and outbuildings with lights, wreaths, bows, garlands or anything else you can imagine. One price includes installation, service, and takedown. We will customize your decorations to suit your desires and your budget. The options are limitless.

Mullan Nursery uses environmentally-conscious LED lights, which are highly efficient, using 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and last up to 20 times longer (traditional bulbs may need to be replaced as often as once per year). Unlike traditional lights, they do not produce excess heat, avoiding overheating fixtures.

LED lights have no moving parts or fragile filaments to break, and are durable and resistant to shocks and impact that could damage a standard light. They also contain no mercury or other environmentally-hazardous material.

We have won numerous awards for our Holiday Lighting designs from Christmas Decor, our holiday lighting parent company, including: “Brightest Star” 2006, “Best Daytime Decor” 2003, “Best Bang for the Buck” 2003, and “Best Commercial Display” 2001.