LEED and Sustainable Practices

leedLogo2The Leadership in Environment and Energy Design (LEED) program is one of the most widely recognized systems for measuring, and standardizing, sustainable development. At Mullan Nursery Company, we are trained to use sustainable practices in landscape architecture and design, in a discernible attempt to diminish environmental impact.

On every project, we attempt to minimize site damage during the construction phase. We can relocate large trees (and introduce energy-use-reducing large shade trees); we strive to protect existing topsoil, to minimize invasive species and recommend native plant materials, and we always consider drainage solutions and water usage as a priority in any design plan.

Our team has demonstrated experience in LEED for Homes and LEED-NC. We successfully integrate the overall design approach and project goals of the owner or developer with LEED criteria. By taking an integrated approach and having all of the team members involved early on in the design process we have found that the owner’s goals and objectives in regard to LEED are more successfully realized.

Although we specialize in site-related LEED criteria, we understand the entire building process, and take a pro-active approach that minimizes conflicts between the different trades involved in the project, keeping the project on focus.