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Kitchen Gardens

No need to run to the grocery store for produce tonight!


We offer Kitchen Garden Planning & Installation and Edible Garden Services. Whether you want a whole new garden or just a start on your patio with a few tomatoes in pots and an aromatic herb garden, we can get you cooking! Did you know you can even grow colorful flowers in the same pot as your veggies for double duty on the deck?


We offer customized plans, and installation and maintenance to assist you in growing what you love to eat! Veggies, herbs and flowers can be planted in containers, raised beds or existing gardens–you choose what best fits your lifestyle and garden.

Grow Your Own Organic Meals Right in Your Own Back Yard

Kitchen Garden Projects

We offer both residential and commercial landscaping services. Our professional designs and locally grown plants will wow you through the blooming season. LEARN MORE.

Walks, Walls & Patios. Define your relaxation, dining and walking space with elegant, eye-catching hardscape features for outdoor living. LEARN MORE

Seasonal Maintenance: Clean-up, weeding, pruning, watering, and pest control are automatic and seamless with our FOUR season maintenance plans. LEARN MORE.

Low Voltage LED, Safety & Security, Hub & Expansion Systems | Add beautiful accents, safety and security to your home with striking yet energy-efficient lighting. LEARN MORE.

LED Lights, Holiday Decor, Product Storage | Celebrate the holidays with stylish, stunning light displays that are energy efficient and stress-free. LEARN MORE.

Gardens in Pot | Raised Beds | Restaurant Gardens | Conveniently source organic vegetables for your home kitchen from your very own back yard or patio. LEARN MORE.

Topiaries & Containers | Water Features | Putting Greens | These are unique services that make your property stand out with an added depth of style and design. LEARN MORE.

Specialized Systems | Swales & Berms | Eco-Friendly | Essential to good landscape design, these services turn runoff into amazing and beautiful stone features. LEARN MORE.

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