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Landscaping Services

Mullan Nursery Company, Inc offers a variety of landscape services and is fully equipped with multiple crews of skilled members able to take on any project, no matter how large or complex. 


It starts with a meeting with you onsite to review your property and to listen to the ideas or problems you may have. We then begin with conceptual designs and plant selections, and work with you through the design process to make sure you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. 


Once the design is approved, we begin installation with our talented, experienced crew. Within a few weeks, you’ll have fresh, new landscaping features making your yard look outstanding.

Mullan Nursery Co, Inc | Landscaping & Planting | Growers of Quality Nursery Stock | Baltimore, MD | Baltimore County, MD

Design & Installation

Residential & Commercial

Mullan Nursery Co, Inc | Landscaping & Planting | Growers of Quality Nursery Stock | Baltimore, MD | Baltimore County, MD


Walks, Walls & Patios | Decks, Arbors & Pavillions; Outdoor Kitchens

Landscape maintenance of yard, weeding, mulching, spring clean-up


Seasonal & As-Needed Care | Weeding, Mulching, Leaf Removal, Watering


Landscape Lighting

Low-Voltage LED, Safey & Security, Hub and Expansion Systems

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Holiday Lighting

LED Lighting & Holiday Decor

raised cedar vegetable beds 22 inch height

Kitchen Gardens

Gardens in Pots; Raised Beds; Restaurant Gardens

Mullan Nursery Co, Inc | Landscaping, Water Features, Outdoor Ponds; Rain Gardens; Topiaries, Putting Greens | Growers of Quality Nursery Stock | Baltimore, MD | Baltimore County, MD

Speciality Services

Topiaries & Containers, Water Features, Putting Greens

Mullan Nursery Co, Inc | Landscaping & Planting | Growers of Quality Nursery Stock | Baltimore, MD | Baltimore County, MD | Drainage solutions, yard runoff, yard ponding, wet area in yard, wet yard

Drainage Solutions

Specialized Systems, Swales & Berms, Eco-Friendly

An Experienced Team Makes the Process Smooth and Seamless

Our design team works in the field alongside our experienced crew members to ensure all projects are installed exactly per plan. 


We maintain a team of approximately 10 reliable and trustworthy crew members who are trained and capable of performing all the duties within construction, equipment handling, placing, and tending plants.


Our follow-up with watering and weeding ensures your new landscape plantings will thrive. 


We offer both residential and commercial landscaping services. Our professional designs and locally grown plants will wow you through the blooming season. LEARN MORE.

Walks, Walls & Patios. Define your relaxation, dining and walking space with elegant, eye-catching hardscape features for outdoor living. LEARN MORE

Seasonal Maintenance: Clean-up, weeding, pruning, watering, and pest control are automatic and seamless with our FOUR season maintenance plans. LEARN MORE.

Low Voltage LED, Safety & Security, Hub & Expansion Systems | Add beautiful accents, safety and security to your home with striking yet energy-efficient lighting. LEARN MORE.

LED Lights, Holiday Decor, Product Storage | Celebrate the holidays with stylish, stunning light displays that are energy efficient and stress-free. LEARN MORE.

Gardens in Pot | Raised Beds | Restaurant Gardens | Conveniently source organic vegetables for your home kitchen from your very own back yard or patio. LEARN MORE.

Topiaries & Containers | Water Features | Putting Greens | These are unique services that make your property stand out with an added depth of style and design. LEARN MORE.

Specialized Systems | Swales & Berms | Eco-Friendly | Essential to good landscape design, these services turn runoff into amazing and beautiful stone features. LEARN MORE.

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